08/03 – PRIME WEBINAR | Egypt, the PRIME Capital of Africa

08/03 – PRIME WEBINAR | Egypt, the PRIME Capital of Africa

WEBINAR – Egypt, the PRIME Capital of Africa

Next March 8, 2023, from 12:00 to 13:00 (EET), PRIME Alliance will organize a webinar on “Egypt, the PRIME Capital of Africa” in collaboration with El Sewedy Electrometer.

Egypt as a focal point in the Middle East & Africa region is  one of the first countries to adopt new technologies in different fields; and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is no exception. Join us as our fellow alliance member El Sewedy Electrometer (EMG) illustrates how it utilized PRIME PLC v1.4 in extremely challenging and noisy deployment environments to great effect. El Sewedy EMG will also share the lessons learnt from this experience as well as its exciting plans for PRIME Hybrid in Egypt. Most importantly, we will share together in celebrating PRIME’s success story in one of the world’s cradles of civilization with the hope of replicating this success across the MEA region.


  • Introducing the different Smart Metering Projects in Egypt
  • Solution Components/Architecture
  • Achievements, current In-field Activities and future Hybrid prospects
  • PRIME v1.4 results vs. alternative communication solutions
  • Lessons learnt

In collaboration with:

EMG launches its new website – El Sewedy Electrometer

Please contact communication@prime-alliance.org in case you want to receive more details to join the webinar.

Discover more information about the PRIME 1.4 roll-out in Egypt here