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Meters Deployed Worldwide

PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) today is a mature, consolidated and worldwide PLC standard for Advanced MeteringGrid Control and Asset Monitoring applications and the objective to establish a set of open international PLC standards has been met.

With an increased number of PRIME certified products interoperability among equipment and systems from different manufacturers has been achieved and deployments of nearly 20 million PRIME meters by utilities and solution providers, across Europe with recent expansion into Brazil, Australia and the Middle East.  PRIME is now being utilised and installed in over 15 countries worldwide. Read our Members press releases for the latest deployment news around the world.

Thank you for joining us at the European Utility Week in Vienna!

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Read more on our thoughts on the industry’s opportunities and threats or have a look at the below interview with the President of the PRIME Alliance, Nicolas Arcauz:


Thank you very much, Angel

Angel Hernandez is leaving his responsibility as the Chairman of the Promotional Working Group in the PRIME Alliance, a position he has served since January 2014.

In the course of the last Board Meeting held in Vienna, coincident with the 2018 European Utility Week, Angel confirmed his willingness to get more time for his own activities and the Board decided to accept, recognising his great dedication and confirming unanimously the deepest appreciation for such an outstanding involvement.

Angel has been involved in the PRIME Alliance since its foundation in 2009, representing Current Technologies and later, Ormazabal, once this company took over Current, even after Ormazabal left the Board in 2015. His professional level as well as his intensive work has contributed to position PRIME Alliance in a very relevant place within the industry. His work attending and representing us in many events during these years has made that many companies will identify the Alliance with Angel, as it was recently confirmed during the last U2U event in Prague.

We sincerely hope to keep the best relationship with Angel as for us, he will be always a friend and he will have always a home at the PRIME Alliance.

Finally, the Board of Directors has decided to establish a Promotional Committee so as to continue with the daily activities and to prepare a proposal to address marketing and promotional activities in the future, according to the recently adopted new strategy.


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