Grid Control

PRIME is the perfect solution to enable grid and device control along the distribution network. It is seamlessly interfacing to advanced and emerging technologies installed along the power lines that manage and control distribution equipment.

Grid Control technologies improve fault detection and allow self-healing of the networks without the intervention of technicians. It ensures more reliable supply of electricity, and reduced vulnerability to natural impacts. Initial power lines in the grid were built using a radial model, later connectivity was guaranteed via multiple routes, referred to as a network structure. This creates a new problem: if the current flow or related effects across the network exceed the limits of any particular network element, it could fail, and the current would be shunted to other network elements, which eventually may fail also, causing a domino effect.

Benefits enabled by PRIME are to facilitate faster electric service outage identification, reporting, and restoration and to provide more efficient operation of the electrical system. It allows for immediate network response actions or even procedures to react automatically. In a modern distribution grid impacts are identified and prevented, before impacts happen. PRIME is a supporting technology to build such networks.

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