Meters implementing PRIME standard normally use DLMS/COSEM protocol (IEC 62056) at the application layer. The DLMS/COSEM protocol specifications are maintained by the DLMS UA and need to be detailed according to the requirements of each implementation in order to ensure interoperability at the data protocol level; this is, a specific user profile must be defined. This definition of the data protocol profile has traditionally been made by the utilities themselves or by meter manufacturers.

However, the definition of the profile implies a deep technical knowledge of the DLMS/COSEM protocol. The absence of this knowledge creates unnecessary risk for companies that want to deploy smart metering systems. 

With the objective to simplify these processes for utilities wanting to deploy PRIME for smart metering, the PRIME Alliance has decided to create a generic DLMS profile named PRIME+. As each country or user may have different requirements, functionalities or country-specific regulations, the PRIME+ profile still needs additional definition to adapt it to the requirements of each user. Hence, PRIME Alliance has also developed a questionnaire to collect information allowing to narrow down the generic profile to specific requirements without the need for the user to have knowledge of the DLMS /COSEM protocol.

With the help of the questionnaire, users will easily obtain their own User Profile based on PRIME+ Companion Profile, suitable to their requirements, while, at the same time, ensuring the advantages of having a standard solution. With this specific user profile, the applicable tests of the corresponding Test Book, also defined by the PRIME Alliance, can be adjusted and the certification process can be applied. 




For further information please download our PRIME+ leaflet.