Certification is at the heart of the PRIME Alliance, with interoperability and conformance to specifications, two concepts fundamental to PRIME. The independent laboratories that carry out PRIME testing and certification for our member’s products help to ensure these fundamentals are consistently met.

Official PRIME Alliance Certification Laboratories:


Certification Environment

Neutral Conformance Labs now certifying vendor technologies assuring compliance with PRIME Alliance requirements

Renowned third party certification groups, DNV-GL, Tecnalia, and ITE, are providing conformance testing in accordance with PRIME Alliance standards

Independent authorities executing system stress tests in field-like test procedures, allowing for intra-PRIME performance comparisons

Certification Process for chipsets, DC’s, and Meters facilitates PRIME-compliant and interoperable products in the market.
Tests based on specifications provided and maintained by PRIME

The laboratories provide pre-certification support ensuring that PRIME Alliance members are well prepared. Performance testing by independent laboratories executing system stress tests in field-like test scenarios, allow for intra-PRIME performance comparisons. Performance issues can be troubleshooted e.g. simulating complex noise and attenuation situations.

PRIME Certification process is unique, carefully controlled by PRIME Alliance and a key differentiation for PRIME Alliance members, with neutral conformance laboratories certifying vendor technologies, assuring compliance with PRIME requirements. Our strict process is unique and implemented by laboratories that are leaders in their field, providing firm ground for our member community to develop and test new features and functionalities going beyond the utility smart metering traditional business.

The test cases used by the laboratories have been defined by experts at the PRIME TWG, with the help of the laboratories.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at communication@prime-alliance.org.


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