Presenting PRIME Alliance | Webinar Ibero-America 2021

Presenting PRIME Alliance | Webinar Ibero-America 2021

PRIME ALLIANCE organizes a webinar, especially aimed at Ibero-American electricity companies, which will reflect on the essential role of telecommunications in the energy transition.

Electricity companies are essential agents in the energy transition necessary to contribute to the decarbonisation of energy. On the other hand, digitization is a process that affects all economic activities, also providing an excellent opportunity to accelerate this energy transition.

As has been demonstrated in many countries, the deployment of smart meters has become a first step on the path to digitization which, in short, will lead to converting conventional electrical grids to smart ones.

Telecommunications services are one of the essential factors in this digitization so that their provision and control is essential for the electricity business itself.

In this context, the PRIME ALLIANCE organized a webinar aimed in particular at electricity companies in Latin America, in order to share real experiences and reflect on the opportunity to use our telecommunications technologies, which includes the great advantage derived from using existing assets and own your company.