For yet another year, the PRIME ALLIANCE is participating to the IEEE ISPLC 2021 (26–27 October 2021 | Aachen, Germany) as a Platinum sponsor.

The 25th IEEE International Symposium on Power Line Communications (ISPLC2021) will once again be dedicated to scientific and technical advances in the field of communications over power lines. The traditional strength of ISPLC is a high industry participation, and bringing together researchers, practitioners and users of power line communication technology.

Don’t miss out the PRIME sessions during the IEEE ISPLC:

  •  KeynoteNeed of communication for process data management and a possible role of powerline – challenges of broadband powerline in electricity grid.

Date: Tuesday, 26 October – 14h00 CET

Speaker: Markus Hofsäß – E.ON

Team Lead of “Smart Grid Network Development” inside E.ON, Coordination of “Smart M2M Communication” inside E.on and Bayernwerk – Communication in low and medium Voltage and Coordination of E.on Broadband Powerline rollout

Climate change and the associated need to decarbonise society have an immense impact on our industry. The energy supply companies and network operators are particularly affected by this. By replacing fossil primary energy sources, we are experiencing a dramatic change in the type and location of energy generation. In addition, the need for “clean” electricity in the lower grid levels is constantly increasing. In order to meet these requirements, the need for transparency and control options in the power grids increases considerably, especially in the lower voltage levels. This transparency, which is the basis for monitoring and controlling the networks, is only possible with the appropriate communication technologies and operating models which, in addition to adequate performance, also guarantee the security and availability of the communication networks. Broadband powerline is one of these technologies. However, as with any technology that is being used for the first time for a new purpose and on a large scale, there are still some challenges here that have to be mastered. In the presentation we will address some of them.

  • Industrial Presentation – The new PRIME1.4 hybrid solution (PLC+RF)

Speaker: Alfredo Sanz – Microchip

Technical Fellow for Energy Metering Software & Applications

Date: Wednesday, 27 October 2021 – 16h15 (CET)

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