Virtual IEEE ISPLC 2020 – PRIME Hybrid PLC-RF Solution

Virtual IEEE ISPLC 2020 – PRIME Hybrid PLC-RF Solution

For yet another year, the PRIME Alliance was pleased to participate as a Patron in the IEEE ISPLC 2020 (International Symposium on Power Line Communications and its Applications). Due to the currentCOVID-19  situation, the event was held virtually from 11 to 13 May 2020.

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Miguel Ángel Sánchez Fornié (General Secretary) and Alfredo Sanz (Board Member representing Microchip) were presenting PRIME’s Hybrid PLC-RF Solution on behalf of the PRIME Alliance. Their industry Speech on 12 May revolved around three main points:

The evolution of PRIME 1.4 Multi PHY:

  • Is compatible with all PRIME 1.4 legacy devices
  • Includes an independent certification process to assure interoperability

PRIME is oriented to efficiently:

  • Connecting PLC islands using the RF channel without all nodes having to be PLC+RF
  • Use of various PLC channels available according regional regulation
  • The use of the RF channel is a particular case of the efficient use of the various PLC channels
  • BN select the best PLC or RF medium to communicate to SN in very point to point connection

PRIME calendar – PRIME 1.4 Multi PHY:

  • Q1 2020: the specification draft document is available here
  • Q2 2020: the certification draft document will be available
  • 2020: the certification tool and independent certification process will be available
  • Enlit 2020: the commercial solution will be available
  • 2021: the field deployments will begin

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About PRIME Alliance

PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) Alliance AISBL was created in 2009 to define an open and future-proofed communications PLC-based infrastructure to support large scale smart metering and other smart grid deployments. The PRIME Alliance has attracted key industry players, including Sponsoring Members El Sewedy, ZIV, Renesas and Corinex. The goal of the Alliance is to provide a framework in which the smart metering and smart grid industry have access to open detailed technical specifications in order to develop fully interoperable solutions, allowing multiple vendors to be operational within the same distribution network in one common system architecture. Detailed technical specs include Physical PHY layer and Medium Access Control MAC layer specifications.

The PRIME Alliance provides a forum for the definition, maintenance and support of an open and comprehensive standard for narrowband power line for Smart Grid products and services. The mission of the Alliance is to accelerate the demand for products and services based on this worldwide standard and promote the broad adoption and use of the specification while certifying multi-vendor interoperability and compatibility with the global standard.  The Alliance is open to all potential partners who agree to actively support and promote an open and public specification for the benefit of the end-user and all industry stakeholders. Visit for more information or to join the Alliance.