FREE WEBINAR: The Cybersecurity on Smart Meters

Webinar: The Cybersecutiry on Smart Meters, How to implement and Test in a Smart Way? – March 31, 2016

10:00 to 11:00 A.M. (C.E.T.); FREE webinar

Tecnalia, one of the PRIME Alliance’s members, is hosting a webinar focused on Smart Grids, mainly Smart Meters, and the implementation of cyber-security in their protocols to avoid cyber-attacks. Examples with PRIME protocols will be presented.

Smart grid deployment is a reality in our electrical networks. Nowadays, the function of Smart Grid Energy System is not only to perform power generation and transmission but also network management, marketing related tasks, saving energy, reduce fraud and energy theft, power quality assurance and setting policies for quick response to outages. This increased efficiency in Smart Grids services implies a risk: the increased exposure to cyber-attacks. So, ensuring the resilience of the smart grids system against cyber threats will be increasingly important.

Additionally, the difference between a non-secure network and a secure network will be presented through a demo. This demo will show how the information could be accessible by anyone having a sniffer and some knowledge on communication protocols in a non-secure network and, on the other side, how the information is coded in order to be not understood in a secure network.

Detailed information about the webinar (draft program, registration forms, organisational information, contact details) is available at the following website: