Future Grid Central Asia 2016

Future Grid Central Asia 2016

Future Grid Central Asia – April 14 to 15, 2016

Astana, Kazakhstan

The Future Grid Central Asia Conference is taking place from April 14th to 15th in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The conference will serve as a knowledge and experiencesharing platform for future electricity grids development and implementation across the value chain. It will be an excellent opportunity for the power professionals from around the world to gather, engage, share and discuss the progress, needs and challenges with the implementation of smart grids in their assets and companies.

At Future Grid Central Asia, not only will professionals gain an insight into solutions for electricity transmission & distribution, renewables integration, smart grids & meters and grids modernization, but they will also learn how to implement strategies that will evolve the day-to-day operations across the power sector. It will bring to you the voice of leaders from the industry at hand, and also leaders who have contributed to the transformation of their industries to realise the full value of their assets.

Detailed information about the event (programme, registration forms, organisational information, contact details) is available at the event’s website: http://www.fegca.org

PRIME Alliance is a Sponsor and will be represented by a speaker at the event.