Phoenix Systems developed PRIME network diagnostic tools

Phoenix Systems developed PRIME network diagnostic tools based on Phoenix-PRIME

PLC Doctor project goal was to develop hardware and software tools to diagnose PRIME network performance. It will enable to detect various PLC communication problems occurring in the large scale power grids.

Phoenix-PRIME, a certified PRIME implementation, developed by Polish technology company Phoenix Systems, was created to facilitate Smart Grid components manufacturing due to the pure software approach and usage of popular microcontroller. It also formed a basis for PLC Doctor project, which included development of the following components: PRIME network Sniffer, Diagnostic Application running on a PC and complete PRIME Laboratory consisting of data concentrators (DCUs), smart meters, attenuators and noise emitters. PRIME network Sniffer coupled with Diagnostic Application allows for the PLC signal measurement, PRIME network operation analysis and network activity data acquisition. In addition it enables to repair the power grid due to the possibility of strengthening communication and acting as an additional node. Diagnostic Application was created to present to technicians working with the power grid the most essential information about the status of the network. The Application is using data from Sniffer and AMI system to easily diagnose large PRIME networks consisting of thousands of meters. PRIME Laboratory is an easily configurable small PRIME network setup that is capable of simulating various problems in PRIME networks. It will be used to train technicians how to diagnose and resolve problems with PRIME communication.

The project was initiated by Energa-Operator, leading Polish distribution network operator (DNO) and is being used to diagnose their PRIME network. The solution is ready to be sold to other DNOs, who require excellent PRIME communication in their production networks.