Third PRIME Utility to Utility User Group Conference 2017
to be held in Gdansk 

by Angel Hernandez, PRIME Promotional Chairman 

With the ongoing expansion of PRIME Alliance, the third annual Utility to Utility User Group Conference, will take place in Gdansk, Poland from the 12th to 13th of September 2017, hosted by Energa.

The agenda will include deployment presentations by EDP, Energa Operator, GNF and Iberdrola and also the PRIME Pilot Experience and challenges from Neoenergia in Brazil. Valuable information will be shared on deployment tools, integration of new processes in the company, systems, and lessons learnt during their ongoing commercial deployments based upon open PRIME standard. 

The conference is free of charge to attend and the utilities participating do not need to be PRIME Members. It is an open conference where quality experiences, realities and information will be exchanged in an open, transparent and trusted manner among colleagues.

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Sponsoring Members:

 ZIV        Ormazabal      Sagecom   El Sewedy


Presented by:



As PRIME is being endorsed by more and more utilities, which have been testing several technological options, we are very proud to announce that one of our members, the ADD Grup, has recently reported significant breakthrough in India and Romania.

In India in Partnership with Jusco, ADD Grup has been proving that PRIME is not only achieving excellent KPIs in reading Smart Meters but also monitoring the load of each of the transformer feeders, load being drawn by each customer and reducing the non-technical loses despite that the fact that the energy system has not been renewed for quite a while. More details can be found here

In Romania, CEZ Romania with the support of an external consultant run several technologies PLC pilots. Results obtained by ADD Grup in the region of Craoiva with their PRIME Meters, Data Concentrators and HES exceeded the original expectations and targets defined at the beginning of the project. More details can be found here

In Poland, PGE Distribution S.A. finalized the work on the PRIME AMI pilot project "Construction and implementation of smart metering system in Białystok Branch and Łódź-City Branch" supplied by ADD Grup and its local Partner with 50 000 ADDAX Smart Meters and 726 Prime Data Concentrators deployed and the positive effect that resulted from it.

The functionality of AMI meters allows remote reading which significantly streamlines the process of obtaining data for billing for consumed electricity, and does not require customer’s engagement. More details can be found here.


IEEE ISPLC, April 3-5, Madrid

Once again, the PRIME Alliance has been a sponsor for the IEEE International Symposium on Power Line Communications and its Applications in Madrid, hosted by Iberdrola. 

UTCAL Summit, April 5-7, Bahia

For the 3rd year in a row, PRIME Alliance participated as sponsor at the UTCAL Summit. UTCAL Summit 2017, the main Telecommunications and IT event in Latin America for Energy, Sanitation, Gas and other Critical Mission. Dr. Aurelio Blanquet, Director of Smart Grid & Grid Digital Platforms at EDP and Director of the board of the PRIME Alliance and Mr. Nilson de Oliveira, Director of Sales & Marketing at ZIV do Brazil presented the lecture “Providing End-to-End PRIME v1.4 PLC and RF Digital Grid solutions” to an engaged audience. Additionally, with the strong presence of Neoenergia and Electro, part of the Iberdrola Group, PRIME has been successfully branded and promoted throughout Latin America

African Utility Week, May 16-18, Cape Town

The PRIME Promotion during the Africa Utility Week can be considered as a real success thanks to the great effort undertaken some of our members and the PRIME Promotion Working Group.

We would like to especially recognize El Sewedy Electrometer for displaying their PRIME Solution at their booth and also promoting PRIME during their presentation.

Also special thanks to Analysys Mason for their great presentation supporting PRIME for applications beyond Smart Metering and to INDRA supporting PRIME with their presence at the AUW.   

And last but not least as a Silver Sponsor, the PRIME Alliance was very proud to participate in two (2) presentations and one interview. As a result of these presentations, we got a significant number of good questions and side meetings. As the father of the Modern Marketing Philip Kotler used to say “ Expect a good harvest after a good seeding”

Asian Utility Week, May 24-25, Bangkok, Thailand

On behalf of the PRIME Alliance, Mr. Manu Sharma, CEO of Neuron GmbH, had the honor to present PRIME4Evolution unique end to end PRIME PLC and RF hybrid solutions for the Urban, suburban and rural areas in addition to the wide range of global experiences. PRIME was clearly highlighted in the various banners of the event as one of the sponsoring organisations. Additional to the talk that Mr. Manu Sharma gave on the first day of the event, Meter vendors mentioned support for PRIME in their solutions, at their booth. We are excite to further contribute to the transformation of the digital grid.



New certifications have been granted to:

ORBIS, with their poly-phase energy meter, DOMOTAX TeLeGeST PRIME d3P.

Microchip, with their single-phase service node (chipset), SAM4CP16B-EK.

ADD Production, with their single-phase energy meter, AD11B and their three-phase energy meters AD13A and AD13B.

Shenzhen Kaifa, with their single-phase service node (meter), MA109P.

ZIV, with their single-phase energy meter, 5CTMP2C47730CSF.

Becoming a PRIME Alliance regular member is open to all potential partners who agree to actively support and promote an open and public specification for the benefit of the end-user and all industry stakeholders.

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