2016 Wrap Up

by Angel Hernandez, PRIME Promotional Chairman & PWG team

wishes all stakeholders a very Merry Christmas and a successful start to a prosperous 2017.

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More than 12.5 Million PRIME Meters deployed worldwide!

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PRIME Alliance proudly announces the deployment of over 12.5M PRIME Meters worldwide. 


Market News

Over the last weeks, please find below the positive news from PRIME activities in Bulgaria, Greece and USA.


ADD BULGARIA, ADD GRUP’s partner in Bulgaria, inked a major deal with EVN Bulgaria for the delivery of 550 000 smart electricity meters based on PRIME technology. The project will span over the next four years, with the first delivery planned till the end of 2016.

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According to Energypress.gr , the bid of Intracom Telecom for a project of 200 000 meters had the lowest price on the opening of bid envelopes on Friday 4th of November. The first 10 000 meters will be delivered in 9 months after the contract signature, then the remaining meters will be deployed in 15 months. This project is the first stage of replacing 7.5 Millions nationwide

Intracom Telecom’s offer includes meters from two manufacturers: ADD GRUP and Elgama-Electronika. The meters from two vendors are interoperable with ADDAX concentrators provided by ADD GRUP. The system shall be managed by Head-End Software provided by Atende.

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PRIME Smart Grid Pilot will deploy and test innovative Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Automation (DA) applications using PRIME v1.4 Power Line Communications (PLC) and Radio Frequency (RF) for the IPv6-compliant Field Area Network (FAN). The Pilot will implement strong cybersecurity features as required by the US market and is going far beyond concept proofing, by testing interoperability of PRIME ANSI Smart Meters, sourced by several suppliers based upon Open and Royalty-Free Standards

With this Smart Grid Pilot, the involved parties are clearly signaling their strong commitment to PRIME as an Open and Royalty-Free Standard for Smart Grid Telecommunications in all markets in which they have presence

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EUW 16

European Utility Week 2016

Once again,  PRIME Alliance was proud to host a booth at the European Utility Week 2016 in Barcelona. In addition to featuring our members' PRIME certified products, we featured new videos and its new concept of PRIME4Evolution. 

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Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit

This year, the PRIME Alliance attended the 6th annual Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit in Dubai as a Silver Sponsor.



IEEE International Symposium on PLC,
3 – 5 April, Madrid, Spain

IEEE ISPLC 2017's main topic is “Smart Grid and its Industry” and will focus on industry applications of power line communications, theoretical and practical aspects of communications theory, algorithms, channel and noise measurements, EMC, simulation and real implementations, evaluation and lessons from field trials and related experience, network planning, installation, operation and management, protocols, cybersecurity, standards and regulations pertaining to communications via power lines.

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Utility2Utility User Group,
9 – 10 May, Gdansk, Poland

PRIME Alliance’s third annual Utility to Utility User Group Conference will be taking place in Gdansk, Poland. The conference will address the mass meter roll-outs by Iberdrola, EDP Distribuçao, ENERGA-Operator, AS "Sadales tīkls" and Gas Natural Fenosa. Stay tuned for more information and invitations!


Cyber Security Whitepaper and Video

The PRIME Alliance has recently released a new white paper on the field of Cyber Security. Briefly, this whitepaper provides an overview of common security concerns in the context of smart metering together with an overview of PRIME security features specified to address such concerns. For the full white paper, please click here. In addition, this white paper was accompanied by a PRIME Cybersecurity video, which was displayed at the PRIME Alliance booth at the European Utility Week 2016 in Barcelona. 

Hybrid Solutions for Urban, Suburban and Rural Areas

PRIME v1.4 Power Line Communications (PLC) and Radio Frequency (RF) for the IPv6-compliant Field Area Network (FAN) are empowering Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Automation (DA) applications in the Urban, Suburban and Rural areas. For further info please click here.

New certifications have been granted to:

Sagemcom, for their three-phase service node (electricity meter), CX2000-9 / and their single-phase service node (electricity meter), CX1000-6 ES /

Circutor, for their three-phase base, Compact DC TGB / 2228.

ORBIS, for their single-phase energy meter with PRIME Communication, DOMOTAX TeLeGeST PRIME.

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