by Angel Hernandez, PRIME Promotions Chairman 

During the upcoming European Utility Week, the PRIME Alliance will unveil its strategic positioning in an effort to offer an end to end PRIME Solution for Urban, Suburban and Rural Areas using PRIME over PLC and also Wireless supported by an IP Multi Protocols architecture.

With the introduction of PRIME 1.4, we have not only been providing a better solution for the industry in the Asian-Pacific and Latin America Regions but have also been building a strong foundation for the development of Smart Grid functionalities leveraging the strong experience gained over the years with the mass deployment of PRIME 1.3

Sponsoring Members:

 ZIV        Ormazabal      Sagecom   El Sewedy


More than 12 Million PRIME Meters deployed worldwide!

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The PRIME Alliance is proud to announce the deployment of over 12 Million PRIME Meters worldwide. 


Market News

As a result of the PRIME Commercial Roll Out Success and the effort of our members in promoting PRIME, an increased numbers of power utilities coming from Slovakia, Israel, Philippines and Ireland have recently visited PRIME Roll Outs of Energa and Iberdrola.

I am also very proud to announce you that PRIME has extended its presence in the Central Asian markets. Saiman, the largest meter manufacturer in Kazakhstan, will produce next generation software defined PRIME smart meters using Phoenix-RTOS operating system. Further information can be found here.

PAD Sponsors

The PRIME Alliance is very proud to announce that alongside ZIV and their Premium PAD Sponsorship, Sagemcom and Ormazabal are renewing their Advanced PAD Sponsorships as well. In addition, we are happy to welcome ElSewedy Electrometer as an Advanced PAD Sponsor of the PRIME Alliance.

 ZIV        Ormazabal      Sagecom   El Sewedy


EUW 16

European Utility Week, 
15 – 17 November, Barcelona, Spain. 

This year, the PRIME Alliance will be present at the European Utility Week’s exhibition once again. Come visit us at booth 3G121.

More details on the map below or visit the EUW exhibitor information.

Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit,
1 – 2 November, Dubai, UAE

This year, the PRIME Alliance is a proud Silver Sponsor for the 6th annual Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit in Dubai.


IEEE International Symposium on PLC,
3 – 5 April, Madrid, Spain

IEEE ISPLC 2017's main topic is “Smart Grid and its Industry” and will focus on industry applications of power line communications, theoretical and practical aspects of communications theory, algorithms, channel and noise measurements, EMC, simulation and real implementations, evaluation and lessons from field trials and related experience, network planning, installation, operation and management, protocols, cybersecurity, standards and regulations pertaining to communications via power lines.

Read more ... 

Utility2Utility User Group,
9 – 10 May, Gdansk, Poland

PRIME Alliance’s third annual Utility to Utility User Group Conference will be taking place in Gdansk, Poland. The conference will address the mass meter roll-outs by Iberdrola, EDP Distribuçao, ENERGA-Operator, AS "Sadales tīkls" and Gas Natural Fenosa. Stay tuned for more information and invitations!


First PRIME Gateway Certified

Regesta Compact PLC is the ultimate gateway for PRIME based smart metering communications. This gateway is designed to behave as a base-node connecting to the different smart meters in the PLC network and obtaining the information using PRIME technology and using cellular or Ethernet technologies to send it to a centralized concentrator installed at the central services. 

Regesta Compact PLC allows a safer deployment (as no data is stored in unattended remote locations), reduces costs (less devices to be installed on the field) and increases scalability (prepared for easy updates on the concentration software to allow optimization and evolution of metering data processing).

Teldat has recently joined the PRIME Alliance and is the first member to attain a certified gateway

New certifications have been granted to:

ZIV Metering Solutions, for three (3) new three-phase meters, 5CTDE2FO Mod.0E490VE; 5CTDE1F Mod.069494UEI & 5CTDE2F6; and 5CTDE1F Mod.069494UEI.

Teldat SA, for their gateway, TLDPH00F1 (Regesta PLC).

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