2nd PRIME Alliance Utility to Utility User Group Meeting Announced 

by Angel Hernandez, PRIME Promotions Chairman

We are pleased to announce the second Utility to Utility User Group meetings scheduled for 20- 21 and January 2016 Lisbon, hosted by EDP Distribuição. As last year, the conference has no charge for participation and is open to all utilities to attend, both those that are PRIME Alliance members and to non-members. Utilities can register to attend by visiting our ‘For Utilities’ section on our website.


Attendees will be able to hear about peformance, challenges, solutions, architectures, tools and ‘know how’ concerning current deployments and pilots that will be shared in an open and trusted manner by PRIME Alliance utility members.  There will be the opportunity for open discussion and collaboration.

Sponsoring Members:

 ZIV                 Ormazabal                Sagecom      


Deployment Updates

EDP Member Profile

EDP Inovgrid Project: EDP Distribuição have now installed 80k PLC PRIME meters and 3.000 DTCs from several suppliers, within the scope of the Inovgrid project. The target for 2015 is to reach an aggregated figure of 300k PLC PRIME meters and 10.000 DTCs

Energa Member Profile

Energa Operator: Stage II of ENERGA-Operator roll-out, based on PRIME technology 295.000 meters and 3.090 data concentrators, has reached high and stable KPIs after the replacement of the DCU software. The process is not completed yet, but for over 270,000 meters on almost 3000 stationsKPI1 (completeness in 6h after midnight) is already at a level of 93-94%  for both data sets (billing and 1h profile) and KPI7 (one week later) is at a stable level of 96-97%. 

Energa-Operator has contracted a new delivery of 6,600 PRIME compliant data concentrators with balancing meter functionality with an ANDRA-ATENDE Software consortium. This project is driven by the energy quality directive announced by the Energy Regulatory Office in Poland

Gas Natural Fenosa

Gas Natural Fenosa: The number of smart meters deployed by Gas Natural Fenosa through its electricity subsidiary Union Fenosa Distribution is 1.5 million. Moreover, consumption information is available through a distributor website, which is updated daily with information from the meters.


Iberdrola Member Profile

Iberdrola: Iberdrola has recently issued an RFP to purchase more than 3.3 million PRIME meters, and are therefore certain to fulfill the regulatory target to install up to 8 million meters by December next year.  The results of the RFP will be announced soon.

Worldwide Deployments

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New Security Co-ordinator Appointed

The Technical Working Group (TWG) is pleased to announce the appointment of Txetxu Arzuaga as the new Security Co-ordinator for the PRIME Alliance.  The TWG extends its thanks Michael John (Elster), for the work carried out in this role to date. 

Txetxu Arzuaga is LV Unit Product Manager at CG Automation with 14 years of experience in deploying telecom solutions for Utilities. These solutions range from networking solutions based on Ethernet (either electrical or optical) to routing solutions with different WAN options (cellular 2G/3G, DSL, HFC…). During last 10 years, Txetxu has been deeply involved in the conceptualization, design and deployment of powerline networking solutions for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. 

“Security is a key function intrinsic to PRIME technology that requires a continuous focus. PRIME technology is a solid basis for deploying secure multiservice networks”, said Txetxu. “PRIME technology will also evolve to keep up with the potential future security challenges. As PRIME Alliance security coordinator, I am very happy to coordinate the evolution of this important activity”

Txetxu has participated in PRIME Alliance since it’s beginning, being deeply involved in both, the management committee and the technical working group.



Smart Grids Week

SPLC 2015: 9th Workshop on Power Line Communications: Power Line Communications Enabling the Smart Grid, 21-22 September 2015, Klagenfurt, Austria

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Asian Utility Week

European Utility Week 2015: Smart energy professionals from around the world convene to share insights on the energy sector, 3-5 November 2015, Vienna, Austria

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Recent Members Press Releases:


The PRIME Alliance welcomes a new member (since the last Newsletter) continuing the worldwide expansion of interest in the PRIME Standard. 

National Electrical Utility Company, Lebanon
Electricity Distribution Provider


NEU Company is an Electric Distribution Services Provider performs the planning, design, construction of distribution facilities; operation and maintenance, implementation of advanced metering infrastructure, meter reading, bill collection, customer services, management and reporting of the EDL-owned Distribution Network within the Service Area 3 that includes Mount Lebanon South and the South of Lebanon.

Becoming a PRIME Alliance regular member is open to companies who agree to actively support and promote an open specification for the benefit of the end-user and all industry stakeholders. 

Joining is a simple process and all details can be found on our website in the Join PRIME section.