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PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) today is a mature, consolidated and worldwide PLC standard for Advanced MeteringGrid Control and Asset Monitoring applications and the objective to establish a set of open international PLC standards has been met.

With an increased number of PRIME certified products interoperability among equipment and systems from different manufacturers has been achieved and deployments of nearly 20 million PRIME meters by utilities and solution providers, across Europe with recent expansion into Brazil, Australia and the Middle East.  PRIME is now being utilised and installed in over 15 countries worldwide. Read our Members press releases for the latest deployment news around the world.

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Read more on our thoughts on the industry’s opportunities and threats or have a look at the below interview with the President of the PRIME Alliance, Nicolas Arcauz:


PRIME Alliance Strategy 2018 Announcement

With more than 18 Million PLC PRIME 1.3.v Smart Meters deployed and in operation, the technology and the resulting products have been proven to be very successful. However, this is not an end of use case itself. PRIME technology, as a concept, has a clear future not only supporting smart metering but any other telecommunications services needed by the smart grids, especially in the access part of the network. The Board of the Prime Alliance approved by October 2017 the analysis and establishment of a new strategy to address the main challenges of the future, under the digital transformation of the utility industry.

After deep insight and consideration, the analysis has been finished and the Board approved on April 17th the main lines of our strategy. As a member, you can download the detailed presentation used and approved, by accessing the “ONLY FOR MEMBERS” area.

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