PRIME Broadband Powerline

PRIME’s telecommunications story begins in 2009 with ideas for powerline communications (PLC) to support smart energy and grid technologies. By standardising the open powerline with a single specification, PRIME allows for full multi-vendor interoperability and global compatibility.

More recently, the electric grid has evolved to cater to more use applications, such as electric vehicles and consumers becoming active prosumers. The evolution presents new requirements for powerline communications for the expanded numbers of devices and therefore an increased need for data transfer.

PRIME’s Broadband Powerline (BPL) solution caters to the higher bandwidth and shortened latency requirements for a more active network. It allows for a reliable communications network, enabling ownership and management of communications over the low voltage/medium voltage grid. As with other PRIME technologies and solutions, PRIME BPL offers an open, interoperable solution to address the needs of utilities and their customers by providing high-speed connectivity extending the capabilities that can be obtained with NBPLC.