Company Description

Corinex Communications Corp. provides technologies and business consultancy services in the energy sector. We develop and manufacture complex solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Grid infrastructure projects, with a primary focus on BPL (Broadband over Powerline) communications. We are the industry pioneers in BPL technology, with over 1 million BPL modules and 14,000 gateways shipped worldwide thus far. […] From its inception Corinex has been the leader in design and development of powerline products. Corinex already has two generations of utility-grade powerline products installed in leading utilities around the world, and carrier-grade BPL products installed in operator access networks worldwide. Corinex provides integrated AMI and SmartGrid software solutions based on BPL technology. Using its BPL meter communication modules, Corinex can provide communication capabilities to meters from industry-leading manufacturers. Deployments are easy and risk-free using the Corinex SmartGrid Connect software. An extensive patent portfolio ensures Corinex’s continued technological leadership.


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