Newly elected President and Secretary General

by Angel Hernandez,
PRIME Promotional Chairman 

The PRIME Alliance is proud to welcome its new President, Nicolas Arcauz from Iberdrola. The former President, Miguel Angel Sanchez ForniĆ©, will continue to serve the Alliance in the new role of Secretary General. Congratulations to Mr. Arcauz and Mr. Sanchez!

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Against all odds: PRE Czech Republic continues installation of ADDAX PRIME based smart metering solution

This is the first full commissioning of PRIME PLC technology in the Czech Republic including data colleciton for 1 minute profiles and 10 minute profiles at the PRE customer.

The ADD Grup project for PRE has been deployed with the following indicators:

• in the first phase (2 parts) concentrators + 1450 meters PLC F-FSK, a readout of 94% / 48h,

• in the second phase concentrators + 490 meters PLC PRIME, readout 100%/ 24h including minute data, MV communication via BPL

• in third phase (running project) concentrators + 960 meters PLC PRIME

The obtained data on the project lets us believe it doesn't stop here. Despite all the hardhsips related to the whole installation process which takes forever to accept, ADD Grup and Transtech CZ are expecting further steps from each other in order to create a positive atmosphere around the smart metering deployment process.



New certifications have been granted to:

ZIV Metering, with their single-phase and three-phase PRIME meters, 5CTD E1F rev.C and 5CTM-E2C rev.D resepctively.


The PRIME Alliance welcomes one new member (since the last Newsletter) continuing the worldwide expansion of interest in the PRIME Standard. 

Becoming a PRIME Alliance regular member is open to all potential partners who agree to actively support and promote an open and public specification for the benefit of the end-user and all industry stakeholders.

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