Phoenix Systems


Company Description

Phoenix Systems is a technological startup, founded in 2011 with offices in Warsaw (PL) and Bristol (UK). The company prime focus is development of the Phoenix-RTOS real-time operating system and software stacks for Smart Grid such as PRIME. Company’s business model is selling licenses for Phoenix-RTOS and software stacks and providing embedded software engineering services.

The Phoenix Systems’ stack is pure software implementation of the standard designed for low-cost microcontrollers. No DSP extension nor specific hardware required. Choice of analog part (integrated utilizing internal ADC and DAC) can be adjusted on deployment-basis.

Phoenix-PRIME contains implementation of PHY, MAC and DLMS/COSEM CL. Full stack runs on ARM® Coretex™-M4 120MHz, 128kB FLASH, 128kB RAM and could be easily ported to other architectures. This unique implementation of PRIME could be deployed on dedicated MCU, or incorporated as software component sharing CPU with other tasks.

Phoenix Systems developed unique tools for PRIME network debugging and deployment. Phoenix-PRIME could be used to dump traffic from a network. Dedicated plugins for Wireshark allow traffic analysis. There is also a dedicated tool to plot the activity of an entire network activity on a single chart.

Reference design has been developed jointly with Freescale. It is based on generic K21 tower board and custom AFE board.

PRIME Products

Phoenix Systems Phoenix-PRIME Board  Certified