Company Description

ENERGA OPERATOR with the seat in Gdańsk belongs to the energy holding ENERGA Group and is one of the biggest Polish Distribution System Operator. It provides electric energy for ¼  of Poland area (northern and middle part of the country). Its services are used by 2,5 million households and over 300 thousand companies, which gives about 17 % share in Polish market of electric energy.   The company uses over 189 thousand kilometers of all-type voltage power lines with which it transmits over 19 TWh of energy per year. The Company’s property is also 262 Main Power Supply Points and High-Voltage switching stations, over 57 thousand MV/LV stations and over millions service lines.   The company’s investment program realised in years 2009-2015 is calculated in total on 7 milliard PLN  (1,6 billion Euro). As the first company in Poland Energa-Operator  implements large-scale programs: to install "smart meters" (AMI) and the construction of intelligent networks (Smart Grid). These programs provide the customers the better control and influence on the power consumption as well as enable to connect the dissipated sources of energy generation.  Energa-Operator is the first Polish Distribution System Operator that joined the association Prime Alliance.

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