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Ormazabal is one of the world’s leading companies providing high added value products and services for the electrical network. Founded in 1967, Ormazabal is the origin of Velatia, an international group of industrial and technological companies.

Our commitment to reliability and our profound knowledge of the sector and the markets where we are present enables us to respond to the present and future needs of the electrical network, contributing to its development with innovative solutions and in-house technology. Innovation has been the driving force for our growth and that of our customers. A highly-qualified team of professionals involved with our customers with whom we establish long-term relationships with mutual benefits. An experience, that places us at the forefront of the electrical sector.

Ormazabal, is in the XXI Century, one international company, with presence in more than 20 counties that search the success of their customers through the innovation and the collaboration.

CURRENT® family

Our enthusiasm to design the Smart Grid solutions of tomorrow has become our success in developing cutting-edge technology for electrical utilities for more than a decade.

In 2013 the CURRENT® family became part of Ormazabal which has only strengthened our integrated Smart Grid system that keeps pushing the envelope for utility based technologies.

The CURRENT® family Communication, Metering and Monitoring Portfolio provides utilities with the tools they need to enhance grid operation, increase quality of supply and improve asset efficiency. Combined with our collection, visualization and analysis software OpenGrid®, the solution maximizes total smart grid benefit for capital invested, whilst reducing overall deployment cost and risk.

Our commitment to create a better community and a more reliable and efficient electrical grid is a sign of our identity.

PRIME Products

Ormazabal Intelligent Data Concentrator (IDC3) Certified
Ormazabal OpenGrid Metering Software Certified


The CURRENT® family Metering Portfolio gives you a superior ability to aggregate, analyze and report both meter data and low voltage measurements.

Our PRIME certified intelligent data concentrators use meter data and low voltage measurements to build a market-leading set of Smart Grid applications that facilitate asset management, performance benchmarking and eventually enable decisions on grid optimization. Our Intelligent data concentrators are designed to truly underline the Connected Intelligence™ concept.

The CURRENT® family Metering Portfolio offers you a combination of Meter Data Collection and Low Voltage Supervisory functions in multiple product options that ensure you an available offering for every installation variant.



Direct link to the complete CURRENT family product portfolio: http://www.ormazabal.com/en/your-business/utility/smart-grids

Link to the CURRENT family METERING portfolio and the IDC: http://www.ormazabal.com/en/your-business/products/advanced-metering?refer=1398