Telecon Presents its new PRIME Smart Metering Solutions

At the 10th annual CIDE Congress Telecon presents its new PRIME Smart Metering solutions

  • The Congress staged by CIDE, the National Electrical Distribution Companies’ Association, was held this time on June 12th, 13th and 14th at Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones of Málaga.
  • The association brings together 230 energy distribution companies in Spain that have been invited to this event which is so important to the sector.
  • The Galician technology company presented its new range of TL-300x concentrators and a new PRIME network management platform.

A Coruña, June 20th 2013

On June 12th, 13th and 14th the 10th Congress was staged of CIDE, the association which encompasses 230 electricity distribution companies in Spain and is a reference in the sector.

The Congress, which took place at Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in Málaga, brought together a large number of national distribution companies. The event was structured into two differentiated parts, a first part of Technical Seminar Days which dealt with the most important themes today in the electrical distribution sector, both in technical, regulatory and commercial terms and a second part including exhibitions at which the major worldwide technological suppliers presented their solutions and innovations to resolve PRIME’s Smart Metering needs at distribution companies.

On this occasion Telecon presented its global PRIME Smart Metering solution concept, highly geared towards resolving the needs of the small and medium-sized distributor and providing solutions which are close, flexible and customized to this sector. Telecon presented its new family of PRIME TL-300X concentrators and centralized MDM software for the integral management of the PRIME network, including concentrators and meters.

The assessment by Telecon managers of their participation in this Congress organized by CIDE is very positive in view of the fact that it constitutes a reference event in the energy distribution sector in Spain and, furthermore, is positions itself as an open forum for debate and discussion about the trends affecting this market at all levels. “We are very happy and satisfied with our participation in this top level event, not only because of the presentation of our new PRIME Smart Metering solutions, but also as it gave us the chance to exchange and discuss experiences with distribution companies all over Spain that have afforded us new interesting visions of the challenge represented by the implementation of Smart Metering” commented Jacobo Penide, partner and business development manager of TELECON, after the event had finished 


Telecon is a Galician company with 25 years of history that has its headquarters in La Coruna, Spain. The firm works in the design and development of intelligent monitoring and automation networks applied in three business areas: Smart Metering, Energy Efficiency and Electronic Security Systems.

he business model of the company is based on the design and development of technology and product itself, devoting a significant amount of resources to research and development (R & D). The flexibility, speed of response and strict quality control are values that identify the brand.

Another pillar of the strategy is internationalization. Not surprisingly, the company performs today a significant percentage of their sales in foreign markets.

Telecon is very active in the development and promotion of PRIME technology from the perspective of small and medium size electricity Utility, with special focus on semi-urban and rural environments.

Telecon’s vision is to address the needs of the Utility offering fully customized, flexible solution based on a concentrator and MDM management software solution. It offers a flexible, scalable and distributed platform that allows to efficiently manage the entire PRIME network including the concentrators and the meters.

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