Documents and Links

Please see below a list of useful resources in the form of published papers and articles that are related to PRIME.

Published Papers and Articles

IEEE Link: A future proof of reality beyond metering, published in Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), 2014 IEEE International Conference PRIME v1.4 evolution

IEEE Link: Simulation of the narrow-band PLC system implementing PRIME standard

IEEE Link: Swinburne Researchbank – Performance evaluation of PRIME in smart grid. 

Texas Instruments White Paper: Implementing PRIME for Robust and Reliable Power Line Communication (PLC)

IEEE Link: Low voltage feeder identification for smart grids with standard narrowband PLC smart meters

Analysis of PRIME PLC Smart Metering Networks Performance – published at the International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality

IEEE Link: Conference Paper showing the performance results from 100,000+ PRIME smart meters deployment in Spain

PLC Performance evaluation through a power transformer using PRIME

IEEE Link: Recent developments on the international standardisation of Narrowband PLC for Smart Grid applications Dr. Stefano Galli – Director of Technology Strategy

IEEE Link: Prime on-field deployment, summary of results and discussions, published in Smart Grid Communications 2011

IEEE Link: Single injection strategies for smart metering network deployment in multi-transformer secondary substations

IEEE Link: Synchronization of SFN-aided PRIME narrowband PLC system

IEEE Link: From Smart Metering to Smart Grids: PLC Technology evolutions

IEEE Link: Quasi-synchronous noise interference cancellation techniques applied in low voltage PLC

IEEE Link: Field techniques to overcome aggressive noise situations in PLC networks

IEEE Link: Strategies for PLC single injection in electricity distribution grid transformers

IEEE Link: Evolution of power line communications for smart distribution: from ripple control to OFDM 

IEEE Link: PRIME Interoperability Tests and Results from Field  Published in: Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm)

Netricity PLC and the IEEE P1901.2 Standard published by STMicroelectronics, HomePlug Alliance


Training course PRIME: One-day training course regarding power line communication (PLC) technology, covering history, scope and protocol details of PRIME


EDP HC ENERGÍA InovGrid Project information

Iberdrola launches a new openpublic and standard telecommunications architecture for Smart Metering and Smart Grids 

Certification Laboratories 

Lab Interoperability and Communications for Smart Devices, ITP and Smartgrids

Accreditations & Recognitions

TECNALIA Certification of Smart Meters and Smart Data Concentrators

TECNALIA Smart Grids certification

TECNALIA devolopes a Testing tool to certify PRIME TECHNOLOGY in Base Node



Communication and Networking in Smart Grids  By Yang Xiao

EDP Inovgrid Project

Power line communication: theory and applications for narrowband and broadband communications over powerlines

Wikipedia: PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution – PRIME 


PRIME Vendor Links

Prime-based PLC SolutionsAtmel

Solutions for PRIME Remote ManagementCIRCUTOR

Energy Meters with PLC Communications, Cirwatt B Series – Prime System – CIRCUTOR

SGM1100 IEC Smart Energy Meter – PRIME™ PLC Meter to Power the Smart GridGE Digital Energy

PRIME-PLC Powerline Transceiver – HiTrendtech

Description of MA109 Smart Single Phase Meter – Kaifa Technology 

Smart Rollout of PRIME Technology – Landis + Gyr 

Iberdrola in Spain: smart rollout of PRIME technologyLandis + Gyr 

Modius S 500 transformation centres – Nucleo

Domotax Telegest PRIME (Smart Meter) – ORBIS

Telegest PRIME 9710 Concentrator – ORBIS

Advanced Metering –  Ormazabal

Description of Phoenix-PRIME – the certified, software-based implementation of the PRIME standard designed for low cost microcontrollers. Phoenix Systems

Description of Cool Phoenix 2 – Flexible PLC Modem Solution – Renesas

PRIME Electric Meters – Sogecam

STMicroelectronics’ overview of the Power Line Transceivers it offers –  STMicroelectronics

OFDM Narrowband Power Line Networking System on Chip – STMicroelectronics

SoC PRIME power line communication development kit – STMicroelectronics

The STarGRID platform – STMicroelectronics

Smart MeasurementTelecon

The Future of Smart Metering: IRIS Software Platform – Telecontrol STM

Implementing PRIME for Robust and Reliable Power Line Communication (PLC) (Whitepaper from July 2013) – Texas Instruments

PRIME Data Concentrator Power-Line Communication Modem – Texas Instruments

PRIME Service Node Power-Line Communication Modem – Texas Instruments

System on Module for PRIME Power Line Communication (CENELEC Frequency Band) – Texas Instruments

System on Module for Power Line Communication Reference Design – Texas Instruments

Residential smart meter with PLC-PRIME communications – VSE Smart Energy

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) – ZIV