When the number of smart meters reaches millions of units, it is not an easy task to achieve secure and reliable communications with utility control centres.  Even more difficult is to guarantee the real time capabilities often demanded by smart grid applications.  For such situations, cost-effective telecommunications post a great challenge for the successful roll-out of smart metering sytems.

PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution)represents a public, open and non-proprietary telecommunications architecture which supports present and future AMM functionalities and enables the building of the electricity networks of the future, or smart grids.

The target of PRIME is to establish a complete set of international standards which will allow for full interoperability among equipment and systems from different providers. Thus, competition in the metering market will benefit utilities and its customers.

The components of PRIME architecture (modulation and coding techniques, protocols, data formats etc.) are not subject to any Intellectual Property Rights. Specifications are comprehensive and detailed enough so that any new entrant will be able to provide interoperable solutions to the market.

PRIME initially defines lower OSI layers of a narrowband PLC data transmission system over the electricity grid. The whole architecture has been designed to be low-cost but high-performance. It uses Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) in narrowband frequency ranges.


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Technical Working Group

Each PRIME Regular Member can join the Technical Working Group (TWG) and/or the Promotions Working Group (PWG).

The Technical Working group is responsible for working on the PRIME specifications and to act as the Certification task force. Companies joining the Technical Working Group may nominate a delegate to attend the meetings of each Task Force and need to remain active in their groups by regularly attending the pre-arranged conference calls.

There are currently eight different Task Forces:

As a new PRIME member, the first step is to attend a Technical Working Group Welcome Workshop – this is an online ‘Welcome Workshop’ introducing all aspects of the Technical working group, so that you can decide how best to be involved. Please contact for more information on the ‘Welcome Workshops’.