Company Description

The National Electrical Utility Company (NEU Company) is a private company, part of the Debbas Group with a main goal to take part in the rehabilitation and modernization of the electricity power grid in Lebanon. In 2012, NEU Company, along with two other Lebanese companies, won the bid set by “Electricité du Liban (E.D.L.)”, in association with the Lebanese Ministry of Energy, in order to operate as electricity Distribution Service Providers (DSP) over a period of four years. The area of NEU Company mandate is Lot 3 that covers 6 regions and 15 divisions, namely: Mount Lebanon South and the South of Lebanon. NEU Company scope of work spans the following: Network Survey; Asset Management; Customer Service; Construction of New Feeders & Substations; Rehabilitation of Existing Feeders and Substations; Operation & Maintenance of all Assets under Lot 3; Inspection and Violation Removal; Meter Reading & Bill Collection; Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).”

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