Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the power to select and remove all officers, agents and contractors, and to fix reasonable compensation thereof, to authorize and empower officers or agents to enter into contracts and other commitments on behalf of the Alliance, and to appoint and delegate responsibilities and authority to committees, officers and agents.

PRIME Alliance Kick-Off Founder Ceremony Picture for Board of 2009-2010.


Company Director Alternate Director
EDP Distribuição Aurélio Blanquet Paulo Libano
El Sewedy Electrometer Group Emad El Sewedy
Energa-Operator SA Daniel Jarosik Jacek Górski
E-on Elmar Peine
Iberdrola Nicolás Arcauz Ana Mozos
Intel Michael Bates
Itron Óscar Márquez Sánchez Frederic Tarruell
Landis+Gyr Javier Rodríguez Roncero Bill Lichtensteiger
Microchip Alfredo Sanz Molina Andrés Muñoz
Naturgy Raúl Suárez Álvarez Mariano Gaudo
Renesas Christos Aslanidis So Yamamoto
Sagemcom Eric Rieul Jean-Philippe Sacriste
STMicroelectronics Domenico M. Arrigo Alessandro Moscatelli
Viesgo ALejandra Gómez
ZIV Group Coca Covadonga Galder Vizcaya

Alliance Officers

The principal officers of the Alliance shall be a President, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer or Treasurer, and Secretary and such other officers as the Board of Directors may appoint. One person may hold two or more offices. Officers of the Alliance may be any person nominated by a Director and nothing herein shall require such individual to be a Director or an employee or duly authorized Representative of any Member of the Alliance.

Elected Officers Name Company
President Nicolás Arcauz Iberdrola
Vice President Óscar Márquez Itron
Treasurer/CFO Óscar Márquez Itron
Technical WG Chairman Íñigo Berganza Iberdrola
General Secretary Miguel Ángel Sánchez Fornié


Technical Working Group

Each PRIME Regular Member can join the Technical Working Group (TWG) and/or the Promotions Working Group (PWG).

The Technical Working group is responsible for working on the PRIME specifications and to act as the Certification task force. Companies joining the Technical Working Group may nominate a delegate to attend the meetings of each Task Force and need to remain active in their groups by regularly attending the pre-arranged conference calls.

There are currently eight different Task Forces:

As a new PRIME member, the first step is to attend a Technical Working Group Welcome Workshop – this is an online ‘Welcome Workshop’ introducing all aspects of the Technical working group, so that you can decide how best to be involved. Please contact for more information on the ‘Welcome Workshops’.