Company Description

Teldat Group is a leading technology holding that designs, manufactures and distributes advanced Internetworking platforms for corporate environments, providing new and cutting-edge communication solutions without ever losing sight of its customers’ real requirements. Teldat’s solutions development is based on proprietary technology, which is in the Group’s DNA. This allows Teldat to be a leading provider in Enterprise Communications equipment and Services for the top corporate to midsized markets, as well as the SME and SoHo markets.

From a geographical viewpoint, Teldat Group has a presence in all continents, with its corporate headquarters located in Spain, and operational affiliates in Europe (Germany, Portugal, Italy and France) and in LATAM (Mexico and Peru), as well as a business development office in USA.

PRIME Products



Teldat Gateway TLLDH00F1 Certified
Teldat Gateway TLDPH03D1 Certified