A new PRIME Certification process began on 1 January 2014, which includes issuing of PRIME Compliance Certificates.  Members products certified prior to this date are fully certified as shown in the listings, however compliance certificates are not available.

PRIME Gateways:


Manufacturer Product Status & Profile* Date Lab
Noxium GTP WAN 3G 2S Certified 15.03.18 ITE
Teldat S.A. TLDPH00F1 Certified – Profile 2 22.07.16 Tecnalia
Teldat S.A. TLDPH03D1 Certified 09.09.19 Tecnalia
Teldat S.A. TLDPH03D1 Certified 23.10.19 Tecnalia
ZIV 4GWCW00000A010 Certified 06.11.17 ITE

Teldat Gateway is designed to behave as a base-node connecting to the different smart meters in the PLC network and obtaining the information using PRIME technology and using cellular or Ethernet technologies to send it to a centralized concentrator installed at the central services.

Profile 2 – Data Concentrator / Gateway
Profile 3 – Data Concentrator / Gateway with PRIME chipset
Profile 4 – Data Concentrator / Gateway with PRIME PHY and PRIME MAC

How to certify your product?

PRIME Certification is currently carried out by accredited test laboratories, DNV GL, ITE and Tecnalia. These laboratories perform a series of tests based on specifications provided and maintained by the PRIME Alliance Technical Working Group.

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