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Company Description

Vango Technologies, Inc., founded in 2006, is a fabless semiconductor company for smart grid.  It has offices in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Hangzhou, China. In addition to chips for energy metering, Vango also offers tailor-made chips for communications of Smart Grid IoT.

Vango has built a company culture of ‘Innovation, Quality, and Services’. As one of the world-class fabless design houses, Vango owns more than 60 US and Chinese patents in the areas of analog design, MCU design, energy metering algorithms, SoC design, and reliability design, etc. These innovations have been the core competence of Vango. With the introduction of narrowband/ wideband PLC chips, line drivers, wireless IC, ultra-low power consumption 8-bit SoCs and 32-bit MCU for meters, Vango is becoming one of the leading chip suppliers for IoT of smart grid.

Vango enables smart grid IoT!

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