Company Description

ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA Ltd. develops and manufactures electronic electricity meters since 1993. Together with business partners the company presents solutions for automated meter reading. The main production portfolio ranges from simple single-phase meters for residential sector up to intellectual three-phase meters with power quality monitoring functions for industry and smart grids. For the last decade, our R&D activities are concentrated around “smart” features of electricity meters, communication interfaces and remotely controlled functionality which are targeted at total customer satisfaction and high quality achieve.

The company aims at sustainability which is integrated in all procedures and processes promoting innovative environment and pursuing proficiency and efficiency in the smart metering.

ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA Ltd. considers participation in PRIME Alliance activities as a great opportunity to share its knowledge and expertise. It as well acknowledges a big challenge to take part in joint efforts of shaping the future of smart metering.

PRIME Products


Elgama-Elektronika GAMA 150 Single Phase Meter Certified
Elgama-Elektronika GAMA 350 Three Phase Meter Certified