The Alliance

The PRIME ALLIANCE ( PRIME = PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) is focused on the development of a new open, public and non-proprietary telecom solution which will support not only smart metering functionalities but also the progress towards the Smart Grid. Power line communications is the most suitable and natural technology to provide the needed telecoms performance, even in complex underground electricity grids.

PRIME Milestones:

2019: 20’000’000 Deployed PRIME Smart Meters
2019: Creation of new task forces for BPL and IoT/RF
2018: 19’000’000 Deployed PRIME Smart Meters
2018: First Pilot 
PRIME 1.4 Smart Meter roll out in Egypt
2017: 17’000’000 Deployed PRIME Smart Meters
2015: 10’000’000 Deployed PRIME Smart Meters
2015: Specification Version 1.4 released
2014: 5’000’000 Deployed PRIME Smart Meters
2014: Utility Projects in Argentina, Brazil, Lebanon and Romania
2013: Energa-Operator, Poland 310K rollout, first significant implementation outside of Spain
2012: First installation outside Europe (Energex, Australia)
2012: EDP Portugal first installation: 90k meters in 6 different locations (InovGrid Project)
2012: PRIME Alliance registered as a Belgian non-profit association
2011: Naturgy rolling out PRIME and building a PRIME research + test laboratory in Madrid
2011: Iberdrola first controlled Spanish deployment: 100k meters
2010: First interoperable system installed
2009: PRIME Alliance established – 8 founding companies

PRIME Benefits:

The PRIME Alliance provides a forum for the creation of an open, single specification and standard for narrowband power line for Smart Grid products and services. The mission of the Alliance is to accelerate the demand for products and services based on the worldwide standard and promote the broad adoption and use of the specification while promoting multi-vendor interoperability and compatibility with the global standard.

  • To provide a forum for the creation (definition, establishment and support) of an open single specification and standard for narrowband powerline for SmartGrid products and services;
  • To accelerate the demand for products and services based on the worldwide standard through the sponsorship of the market and user education programs;
  • To encourage and to promote broad and open industry adoption and use of such specification; and
  • To promote PRIME as a global powerline standard and to promote multi-vendor interoperability for markets/equipment and compatibility under the PRIME standard.

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Please read the leaflet here for an overview of PRIME Alliance.