When the number of smart meters reaches millions of units, it is not an easy task to achieve secure and reliable communications with utility control centres. Even more difficult is touarantee the real time capabilities often demanded by smart grid applications. For such situations, cost-effective telecommunications pose a great challenge for the successful roll-out of smart metering systems.

PRIME delivers the fundamentals for future proven Advanced Metering Networks, not only capable to report a large amount of meter data, but to allow Energy Management with the aim for a more stable, reliable and balanced network. Monitoring and Control of Network Infrastructure such as Transformer Stations, Distributed Generation technology, Storage and Demand Response equipment help with the management of tomorrows Energy Distribution grid.


For further information regarding how PRIME specifications, have been developed to address the evolving challenges of power line communications, please download our leaflet or visit the PRIME Specifications page.




Video of Mr. Miguel A. Sanchez-Fornie (President of the PRIME Alliance), defining his vision of Smart Grids.