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The company was created (1996) to meet the demand for qualified professional services for companies in the energy sector, due to the increase in outsourcing of services that were previously conducted with their own resources. Business activity initially concentrated on the commissioning and maintenance of telecontrol of medium voltage lines. In 2010, in collaboration with Unión Fenosa, Telecontrol STM started working with Smart Grids (SCALA project). Finally a software factory was set up in Seville in 2011; its main role being the design of a full turnkey solution for telemetry in Smart metering networks (Iris Software Platform). IRIS is the open telemanagement platform for PRIME concentrators and meters, based on Iris Core Services:  a set of high-level, distributed and scalable services that allow the system to be tailored to any of the client’s requirements. IRIS is an OPEN platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of any electrical company. As a platform, it enables the management of PRIME devices in a scalable and, above all, flexible environment. The design of IRIS has taken into account the different needs of companies when it comes to integrating the system into their own systems for invoicing, SCADAS, client management, etc. In short, IRIS can be tailored to meet any integration requirement. From a conception of open architecture, IRIS is a platform which implements a set of services (IRIS CoreServices API) for managing a PRIME infrastructure (concentrators and meters) and on which other applications can be written into the system. From the outset, IRIS has been designed to meet the different deployment needs under an architecture of distributed, redundant and balanced services. This allows the creation of redundant installations to ensure 100% operability at all times and scalable installations depending on the number of devices to be managed, and complying with response and performance requirements.

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