Company Description

Janz is renown for it precision measuring devices and is one of the most competitive suppliers of energy metering products and systems for energy management. It provides products to a high quality and the company, its laboratories and its processes fulfill the requirements of several international standards (e. g. ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO/IEC 17025). In particular, its products have been meeting international standards for over 50 years.  The company is headquartered in Lisbon (Portugal) with international offices throughout the world and is particularly strong in the markets in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Cape Vert, Mozambique and Macau with new production units in Angola. A strong partnership with Contar Electrónica Industrial Lda, allows Janz to offer always the state of art in metering technology.   Janz has a firm interest in sustainable development and places particular emphasis on having an active role in society, and in the environment preservation through the supply of SMART GRID and AMM solutions, allowing a new perspective of energy management.

PRIME Products

JANZ C380 PRIME Certified
JANZ Polyphase Meter B2801R2R4LRFPLC Certified