Company Description

The ELECTRIC COMPANIES ASSOCIATION (ASEME, Asociación de Empresas Eléctricas) is a national wide professional organization that groups, coordinates and defends the interests of its associates. Additionally, it promotes the cooperation and collaboration within its members.  It was founded on the 16th of November of 1970, under the 19/1977 Law which has endowed the association with legal status and legal capacity.  The Association represents Spanish distribution system operators with less than 100.000 clients and the energy supply companies linked to this group of distributors.  ASEME is a non profit organization, which works for the wellbeing of its associates and in defense of their legal, economic and technical interests. ASEME has become a valid representative entity for local energy distributors’ system operators in Spain.  In 1991 ASEME promoted the settlement and became member of the European Association of local energy distributors GEODE (Groupement Européen des enterprises et organismes de Distribution d’Energie,

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