ADD Grup

Company Description

Established in 1992,  ADD GRUP develops and manufactures AMI system, named ADDAX IMS, for electricity, gas, water, heat and street lighting. ADD GRUP was one of the pioneers to launch AMI system with communications based on high-speed data transmission over LV and MV PLC alongside with other known communication media.  ADDAX IMS supports all main features, modern and highly technological system should have: data transmission on long distances, communication in two directions, openness, scalability and reliability.  Total number of smart meters installed worldwide exceeds 3.7 mln.

PRIME Products

ADD GRUP Single phase meter : NP71E.1-X-X Certified
ADD GRUP Single Phase Meter: AD11B Certified
ADD GRUP Three Phase Meter: NP73E.1-X-X Certified
ADD GRUP Three Phase Meter: AD13A Certified
ADD GRUP Three Phase Meter: AD13B Certified