A hybrid world – Thought Leadership Article

A hybrid world by El Sewedy – Smart Energy International

The world is increasingly relying on “hybrid” technologies to gain trustworthiness and efficiency. This is the case of hybrid cars, which combine electricity and gas to function, or mobile technologies, which store data both in the phone and in the cloud.

Certainly, Smart meters must follow this trend and make a transition from a wired or wireless solution, both of which reliability can be affected by occasional disruptions, to a mix of both. Find out more in the newest article on Smart Energy International. Click here to access the full article.

This article was written by PRIME PAD Sponsor El Sewedy Electrometer Group (EMG), who is proud to be a leading participant in hybrid communication initiatives with the company developing unified solutions for electricity, water and gas smart meters that follow a meticulously developed multi-layered approach.


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