PRIME Alliance Certification 1.4



Upon finalization of the PRIME v1.4 specification, the PRIME Alliance Certification Task Force began in 2013 the work to implement a certification process for the new specification. The work was focused on two main areas:

  • Definition of the new v1.4 test cases for each of the sublayers and use cases, and device roles (base nodes, service nodes). This work has been tackled by PRIME Alliance experts and finished in mid-2015.
  • Definition of the toolkit required to implement the certification process in partner laboratories. The result of this work allowed the PRIME Alliance to issue an RFI and RFQ to its members for the implementation of this toolkit according to the aforementioned definition document. After this process PRIME Alliance contracted the work to the consortium DNV/Neuron for the implementation of the toolkit. This work has been accomplished.

PRIME Certification process for base nodes (concentrators) and service nodes (meters) is now operational, and the certification process will begin to run in the partner certification laboratories (DNV GL. ITE and Tecnalia) during July/2016. The first v1.4 certified products will arrive in the market during summer time. As a result of this, the end 2016 will see the massive deployment of PRIME v1.4 products in the field taking advantage of the new features such as robust modes, 500KHz band extension and improved performance.


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