PRIME Alliance as of July 2013 has implemented certification processes for Service Nodes and Base Nodes with the help of its laboratory partners.  The Laboratories perform a series of tests based and test cases defined, provided and maintained by the PRIME Alliance TWG, they assess product compliance according to test results and evaluation criteria.

Certification is at the heart of the PRME Alliance, with interoperability and conformance to specifications, two concepts fundamental to PRIME. Seamless, trouble-free interoperability among certified products is perceived as one of the key advantages of PRIME.

Today there are three laboratories that are authorised by PRIME Alliance to carry out PRIME Certification, all leaders in their field. The laboratories provide pre-certification support ensuring that PRIME Alliance members are well prepared.  The test cases used by the laboratories have been defined by experts at the PRIME TWG, with the help of the laboratories. The most recent PRIME Certification Process can be downloaded from the PRIME Members website (Project: TWG -CERT Task Force) as can the Certification Test Cases.

Laboratories contact details:


Fernando Lobo
Email: Fernando.Lobo@dnvgl.com


Luz Soriano Arnedo
Email:  luz.soriano@ite.es


Marta Renteria Castro
Email: marta.castro@tecnalia.com


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