Technical Working Group (TWG)

Technical Working Group (TWG)

PRIME TWG is the technical arm of the PRIME Alliance and a permanent Working Group with Inigo Berganza as its Chairman.

It has a Scope and a Charter; from the PRIME TWG Charter:

[…] It is the TWG main responsibility to assure the proper PRIME technical evolution while remaining as an OPEN powerline communications standard

The Technical Working Group is organised into Task Forces:  PHY, MAC, APP and CERT.  Three additional roles flow across all task forces, Specs Editor, Security and Standards Coordinators.

The TWG actions at least the following:

  • Technical Issues discussion. On a regularly basis, TWG will discuss all submitted technical issues, deciding for each technical issue the action to be performed. Those cases that require a PRIME technical documentation update will be registered, but not released.
  • PRIME Technical documentation update. TWG will schedule when new revisions of PRIME technical documentation are to be launched.
  • Set up collaboration agreements with external laboratories (PRIME Authorized Test Labs). Once PRIME interoperability tests have been defined, it is time to establish agreements with external test labs willing to become PRIME Authorized Test Labs.

In order to find out more about how the TWG works and if/how you would want to participate and contribute to it, please first attend one of the TWG Online Welcome Workshops.

Please email Inigo Berganza and copy for more information and to book your place.

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