PRIME Alliance Trademark

How to Apply for Use of PRIME Alliance Trademark  

If you wish to use the PRIME Alliance logo (trademark) for any of your own promotional activities then please follow the instructions below in order to complete the necessary paperwork so that we can grant you permission for use.  You can indicate multiple uses of the trademark on the ‘Request for Trademark Use’ form:

  1. Complete the ‘Request for Trademark Use’ form and return as indicated on the form.
  2. If Trademark form is accepted by PRIME Alliance, the License Trademark template will be completed by PRIME Alliance, and sent to you.
  3. Please complete and sign two copies of the License Trademark document, returning them to us, as indicated on the ‘Request for Trademark Use form.
  4. On receipt of the completed paperwork, a full set of usable PRIME Alliance logos will be sent to you.

As at February 2015 PRIME has a valid trademark for the following areas:


Others in progress are:


Request for trademark use

Download Request form (docx, 16kb)

Template Licens Trademark PRIME Alliance

Download Trademark License template (docx, 10kb)

Example of PRIME Alliance logo (pdf, 135kb)

PRIME Alliance Version 1/012015

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