PRIME Alliance Website

PRIME Alliance Website

Our public facing website is primarily an informative website to attract new members, promoting our members activities concerning the PRIME Standard and to promote PRIME’s standard in the market.  Each member’s logo is listed on the website under the Members section, with a click through to their own page, which can be customised with a description about your company with your logo and a click through to your website.  We promote any events and conferences that we are attending, sponsoring or have speaker slots on our website, this includes posting of the presentations given after the event.  We have a press and news section for both PRIME Alliance releases and all members press releases that are PRIME related, and we also add our quarterly newsletters to this area once they have been distributed.  Here is how you can contribute to the PRIME Alliance website:

Your Company Logo and Members Page description

  • Please email your company logo, to in a jpeg format that can be added to the PRIME Alliance website members section, sized at 200 pixels width.
  • Please supply a print quality ‘eps’ file of your logo that we can hold for use, for example for literature for tradeshow.
  • Provide approx. 150 words about your company for our website, including your website address. 

Members Press Releases

We have a News section on the public facing website for our press releases and our Members PRIME related press release.

  • Please forward any of your industry related press releases to the PWG Team, so they can be considered for inclusion on the PRIME website. They are required to be PRIME alliance related in order to be considered for the website.


PRIME prepares a quarterly newsletter sent via email to all members and contacts – You will automatically be added to the circulation for this newsletter. Additional staff members can sign up to receive the newsletter from our website (home page).  Members can contribute to our quarterly newsletter in the following ways:

  • Sending their PRIME related industry press releases, for inclusion on the website – we include a live link in our newsletters to the press release on our website
  • Sending information concerning any PRIME deployments that you are involved in, so that we can consider this for the ‘Deployment’ section of the Newsletter
  • Encouraging customers and contacts interested in the PRIME Alliance to register for the newsletter

PRIME Video’s

Our website has a number of PRIME Alliance produced videos on PRIME Deployments, Version 1.4 and our Certification process.  These are available for use by members for presentations and use can be requested by emailing

PRIME Alliance Version 1/012015

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