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How to Use the PRIME Members Internal Website

The PRIME Alliance members website is primarily intended to act as a portal to aid communications between the member companies, a project management tool to assist with the day to day work of the TWG Taskforces and PWG sub-working groups and a central point for all PRIME documentation including current PRIME Specifications and Certification information.  The purpose of this document is to guide you through the key sections to get you started.

Step 1: Log On to the PRIME Members website

You will receive an email with your login instructions and password.  Log on to the website following the instructions in the email and using the live links.  Or the website address is

Step 2: Update Your Own Profile

  1. From the ‘Welcome’ screen, select ‘Profile’ from the very top right hand side of the screen, located in the red header.  Click ‘Update Profile’ from the menu tabs on the right hand side. Check your name details are correct and add your Office and Mobile telephone number.  Click the ‘submit’ button to submit your updated information.
  2. Upload a business related photograph of yourself by clicking on the head and shoulders silhouette on the screen and use the ‘Change Avatar’ box to locate a file on your computer.  Your photograph should be in a ‘jpeg’ format.  Select ‘submit’ to load the picture.
  3. You can also change the settings i.e. the way the date and time are displayed and which time zone you are on by selecting the ‘Change Settings’ tab on the right hand side and you can change your Password too.

Step 3: Update Your Company Profile and Add New Users for your Company

  1. Select the ‘People’ box from the top of the screen, and then ‘Change Details’ from the menu tabs on the right hand side.  Add your company’s main address, phone and fax numbers and website address, clicking ‘Submit’ when you have finished.
  2. Upload your company logo by clicking on the ‘briefcase’ image on the screen or selecting ‘Change Logo’ from the menu tabs.  You will need to have a ‘jpeg’ format logo – use the pop-up box to locate the file on your computer. Select ‘submit’ to load the logo.
  3. Add the other contacts from your company, who will be involved with the PRIME Alliance, by selecting the ‘New User’ button from the top right hand of the screen.  Add the persons email address as well as their first and last names, and send them a ‘Welcome Email’ with their login details for the system from this section (in the pull down ‘Options’ menu).
  4. It is your responsibility to keep all user and company details up to date.

Step 4: Advise the PRIME Administrators and Request Assignment to Projects

As soon as you have completed the above tasks to update your Company details and Profiles, please email the PRIME Administrator’s  Please include in your email your name, your company name and an indication that you have completed Steps 1 – 3. Once we have received your email we can then activate your account so that you are able to take part in assigned projects within the members website (Technical Working Group and Promotional Working Group) as is relevant to your company.

Each TWG Taskforce and PWG sub-working group is set up as a ‘Project’.  You will automatically be set up so that you can view the Projects as an ‘Observer’ – this means that you can take a look at the materials in each project but you cannot contribute to that project or change any materials in the Project.

By attending the TWG Welcome Workshop (information in TWG Section of the Welcome Pack) you can decide if you will take an active role within the TWG and if so which Task Forces you want personnel to be assigned to.  Please also consider joining the PWG with at least one contact so that you are included in and advised of any PRIME Alliance marketing activities – you can join a PWG sub-working group to take a more active role if you wish.

As soon as you have decided which personnel need to be assigned to which Projects as active members (i.e. so that they can contribute fully to that group), please advise the PRIME Administrators (emails above) who can action this for you (only the Administrators can add you to Projects).

Any questions, please contact the PRIME Administrators:

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