What to do on Joining

What to do on Joining

Your Company Logo and description:

Please email your company logo, to info@prime-alliance.org in a jpeg format that can be added to the PRIME Alliance website members section, sized at 200 pixels width. Please also supply a print quality ‘eps’ file of your logo that we can hold for use, for example for tradeshow literature. Please also provide approx. 150 words about your company for our website, including your generic website address.

PRIME Alliance Website:

Our public facing website www.prime-alliance.org is primarily an informative website to attract new members and to keep a presence in the market.  Events that PRIME are participating in and press releases are posted to the website.  Please forward any of your industry related press releases to the PWG Team, info@prime-alliance.org so they can be considered for inclusion on the PRIME website.

PRIME Members Forum:

We have a private area for members to communicate and ask questions of each other on our member’s forum linked from our public website, and easy to use, please email info@prime-alliance.org if you don’t receive your password and login for the Forum.

PRIME Members Website:

Our Members website www.prime-members.org is primarily a Project Management tool to assist the working groups communicate and work together.  Once you become a new member, you will automatically be added to the members website and instructions to get started and your login details will be emailed to you.  If you do not receive these within 2 weeks of being advised of your membership please email info@prime-alliance.org.  Please see the separate section on how to use the PRIME Members Website.

PRIME Working Groups:

Each PRIME Regular Member can join the Promotions Working Group (PWG) and/or the Technical Working Group (TWG).

PWG: The PWG is responsible for areas such as the PRIME Website, promoting PRIME at exhibitions and events.  Please email info@prime-alliance.org with at least one company contact to be included within the PWG group to ensure your company receives important Marketing related emails.

TWG: The Technical Working group is responsible for working on the PRIME specifications and to act as the Certification task force.  As a new PRIME member, you are requested to join the next TWG Welcome Workshop – this is an online ‘Welcome Workshop’ to introduce you to all aspects of the Technical working group, so that you can decide how best to be involved.  Please see the schedule of dates for 2015  – to register your company on an online workshop, please email Inigo Berganza (TWG Chairman) iberganza@iberdrola.es and copy info@prime-alliance.org with the details of who within your company would like to attend.

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