A new PRIME Certification process began on 1 January 2014, which includes issuing of PRIME Compliance Certificates.  Members products certified prior to this date are fully certified as shown in the listings, however compliance certificates are not available.

PRIME chipsets & evaluation kits:

Manufacturer Product Status & Profile* Date Lab
Atmel ADDM2102v9.1 Modem Certified 08.11.13 Tecnalia
Atmel SAM4CP16B PRIME Chipset Certified – Profile 1 06.05.15 Tecnalia  
Atmel SAM4CP16B Certified – Profile 2 18.02.15 Tecnalia
Atmel BN ATPL230A+SAM4E Certified – Profile 2 17.03.15 Tecnalia
HiTrend HT8910 Certified 30.10.13 Tecnalia
Indra InMeter-PLC Certified 01.06.12 DNV GL
Microchip SAM4CP16B-EK Certified 27.02.17 DNV GL   
Phoenix Systems Phoenix-PRIME Board Certified – Profile 1 27.10.14 DNV GL  
Renesas uPD809504 System on chip Certified 18.10.12 DNV GL
Renesas ET-PLCPFEB-0001 + RSKRX630 Certified 18.10.12 DNV GL
Renesas ET-D809508J50-0002 Certified – Profile 1 29.04.15 DNV GL  
Renesas R9A06G037/v0725 Certified – Profile 1 09.06.17 DNV GL  
Semitech Semiconductor SM9400EVK Certified – Profile 1 16.10.15 DNV GL  
Semtech (Formerly Enverv) ENIGMA Certified – Profile 1 20.05.15 DNV GL   
STMicroelectronics EVALST759OT-2 Certified 05.10.12 Tecnalia
STMicroelectronics STCOMET10 Certified – Profile 1 30.10.14 Tecnalia  
STMicroelectronics STM32F4PLC – 1 Certified – Profile 1 25.02.15 Tecnalia  
STMicroelectronics STCOMET10 Certified – Profile 1 16.02.17 Tecnalia  
Texas Instruments TMDSPLCKIT-V3 Certified 01.09.11 DNV GL

* Certification Profiles: 

Profile 1 – Chip (reference design)
Profile 2 – Transitory certification process – smart metering single channel FCC profile

How to certify your product?

PRIME Certification is currently carried out by accredited test laboratories, DNV GL, ITE and Tecnalia. These laboratories perform a series of tests based on specifications provided and maintained by the PRIME Alliance Technical Working Group.

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