Andrea Informatique






Company Description

Andrea Informatique is a consultancy firm advising companies on issues of organization and strategy related to new technologies, software design and test. Our services go from on-site consultations to maintenance and assistance, passing through design, implementation, testing and integration.

Andrea Informatique has been working since its foundation in 1988 in design and implementation of protocols in the telecommunication sector, and since 2000 in the energy sector. Andrea Informatique finds itself at the very center of the Smart Metering challenge and has expertise knowledge in the DLMS COSEM, EURIDIS, M-BUS, SML and ZIGBEE protocols. In this context Andrea also proposes reliable stacks of those protocols, as well as S-FSK, PRIME, G3 and IP stacks.

Test methodology has been one of the main fields of Andrea’s activities for several years, and we have implemented PHENIX, the Generic Test Tool, which is distributed under license. Andrea Informatique proposes as well SMARTHAWK, the Generic DLMS COSEM Meter Configuration Tool, and COLIBRI, the Mobile DLMS COSEM Installation Tool.

PRIME Products