Company Description

Initially specialized in electrical equipment, the Cahors Group is today a coherent manufacturing operation centered around six main activities :  – The distribution, connection and metering of electricity, gas and water – MV / LV transformers – MV / LV connection equipment – Equipment for communication networks – Electronics and satellite reception equipment – Services  These different activities complement each other, enabling the Cahors Group to make use of these synergies in R&D and design, thus implementing and offering global and innovative solutions in the distribution of energy and fluids.  The high quality of the Group’s product range is recognized throughout the industry. The equipment is often installed and used at strategic points in the electrical supply network – from the Medium Voltage grid to the end consumer, on major gas and water distribution lines, in the postal service, and in the world of communication networks.  The group has 18 subsidiaries based worldwide, each company has access to major research and manufacturing resources for the production of its product range.    Trade and expertise : Groupe Cahors offers global and innovative solutions for the optimization of medium voltage electricity distribution, distribution and metering of low voltage electricity, connexion and metering of water and natural gas, connecting systems for communication networks. Groupe Cahors is a renown industrial and commercial manufacturing entity made up of 18 sister companies through out the world.

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